“Are you reliable, friendly and helpful and looking to get more involved with your local community and enjoy helping people?”

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Help to Health has a team of over 220 volunteer drivers and coordinators but as patient demand steadily increases we soon won’t be able to meet every request for transport. If you can spare an hour or so to help someone to their doctors’ appointment or hospital clinic we’d love to hear from you. You don’t need to have ever volunteered before but you do need to have your own car and drivers licence. Telephone 0300 3309424.


As of June 2017, 35 of the Supportive and Volunteering Matters Volunteer Drivers have over 10 years’ service to their organisations.

Of those 35, 14 have been volunteer driving for our charities for over 15 years and of those 14, four have passed their 20th Anniversary.

It keeps me occupied in the mornings. It's a pleasure to be able to help the older generation and patients all really appreciate the service we provide. If the scheme didn't exist it would put more pressure on the doctors and NHS. It's good to get out the house, gives me a purpose.
John Leiper. Volunteer Driver for Volunteering Matters.

Having volunteered for 6-7 years now I would recommend the service to everyone from a volunteer and a user point of view. I feel we provide an effective and value for money service to people who really need support
Phil Pemberton. Volunteer Driver for Supportive.

I love driving and meeting people. Being a volunteer driver is rewarding and it allows me to help those who need help!
Geoff Davis. Volunteer Driver for Supportive.

Thank you and may I sincerely thank the volunteer driver for the brilliant service he gave to Mam which enabled her to attend the weekly day centre.
Karen Turner RGN, MA, BSc(Hons). Service User's family member.

Tremendous service, I don't know how I would get to my health appointments without it.
Reverend Falkner. Service User.

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